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Monday, March 10, 2014

Fuel Price Update

When I showed the price of gasoline in a previous post, I was talking about 92 Octane, the type of fuel used in most of our friends cars.  There is cheaper gas - and there is diesel.  We visited Alexandria a few days ago and traveled in a van that ran on diesel.  Filling up on the return trip, I discovered that it sells for 1.10 Egyptian Pounds per liter.  That equates to 60 cents per gallon.  But that is not the cheapest option.  80 octane gasoline, which will run your old Russian Lada - or a surprising number of newer vehicles too goes for 0.90 EGP per liter which equates to 49 cents per gallon.  Here is the diesel pump and price. - Also a representative old Lada still on the road.

While we were stopped, I took a picture of this over-the-road trucker who was fueling up next to us.  He has quite a kitchen setup in the metal box on the truck.  With the door folded down, he has room to sit in front of his small butane cook stove and make tea.

Say is that legal in the U. S.?  Or is there some prohibition against cooking over an open flame in the line to fuel up?  Well, at least diesel fuel isn't as volatile as gasoline, hamdela.

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