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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Traffic Trouble

We were headed into town on Saturday when we came to a halt in traffic.  This is nothing unusual in Cairo, of course, but there seemed to be a serious problem ahead judging from the water being splashed up by cars in the distance.  Perhaps there was a broken pipe?  The first sign that we might have a problem came when we saw a few people lift up a Tuk-Tuk and get it onto the sidewalk so it could begin navigating among the concrete mushrooms and other yard art.  (see the post below.)

The slow moving traffic gave an advantage to the pedestrians who were going a bit faster.

Of course, motorcycles moved onto the sidewalk and were able to move faster yet.

Then this taxi and 3-wheel delivery vehicle also moved up onto the sidewalk.  That strategy ended at the large electrical box on the sidewalk so the taxi had to come back down onto the road.

We eventually moved through the water without major problems.  Some vehicles moved faster, some slower.

We realized it was only going to get worse, as eastbound vehicles tried our westbound lanes.  Here, the lead driver makes the universally understood sign for, "look out, I'm coming through and you need to move!"

I have a YouTube video that demonstrates the skill of a driver going the correct direction in the northbound lanes as southbound drivers begin to appear around him on both sides.  U.S. driver's-ed does not prepare one for Cairo.

By the way, we came through that same area on Thursday, five days later and the water was still flowing.  We opted for the u-turn this time going way around the problem.

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