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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A New Business on the Block

We are always interested in seeing new businesses on our street. I'm always hoping for a bakery so that I don't have to walk ten minutes for fresh sweets.  We have been watching this shop get ready for an opening since we arrived.

I was confused, thinking there might be two businesses, a car dealer downstairs and a travel agency upstairs.  But it appears that this is sort of a hybrid.  New Travel Dynamics is the name of the company.

I met the head of their sales staff one morning as we passed by and he invited me to visit and have tea on my way back from the bakery.  They have a very nice modern office decor, an accountant and even an I.T. guy, Yehia.  Website here. (I like the tools Yehia is using.  It is quite responsive in spite of the animation.)

There was a grand opening on Friday evening with lights and food.  We were busy and didn't go.  Yesterday, when passing by, I noticed this fine American car sitting out front along with a couple of Mercedes.  It looks a lot like a Chrysler 300 but the logo on the side says Mustang Limousine, so that must be what it is.
CarRental-2 CarLogo-1

I did check the car out just in case we want to rent one for a few days.

These folks are in the tourist-car rental business at the moment with expectations of being a full travel agency at some point in the future.

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