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Friday, December 3, 2010

Southern Rhode Island

Continuing our Sunday drive along the Connecticut and Rhode Island coast, we soon reached Westerly. Westerly lacks the "quaint" and "cute" of some of the towns in the area but has a very nice antique shop in Mary D's. I picked up a 1909 Rhode Island Manual. Election results for every town, a great state map etc., all for $2.

It was easy to tell we had crossed into Rhode Island as we passed the Roger Williams Inn. The Inn is not terribly historic since it was built in the 1880s and Williams founded the Providence Plantation back in 1636. Still it is an interesting looking place and available to "the savvy investor" according to this site.

We continued our leisurely journey along the coastline on scenic US 1 to Narragansett. I understand that in the summer, this drive can be more than just leisurely. Bumper to bumper is the oft-mentioned description. Late autumn might be the ideal time to visit. Once we reached Narragansett, we headed south to Point Judith.

This small cape jutting out into the Rhode Island Sound has some interesting military history ranging from the Revolutionary War to World War II. It was the site of the sinking of the S. S. Black Point by a German submarine on May 5, 1945, resulting in the loss of 12 lives including members of the U.S. Navy Armed Guard. On the next day, the german submarine was sunk. It was the only foreign vessel sunk in U.S. coastal waters during WWII. (Linda's father, by the way, was a member of the U.S. Navy Armed Guard.)

As in many towns in this area, there is a memorial to the men who have lost their lives in the sea.

And, there is another light house. This one is active.

By this time, we had finished the day and watched the sun set.

We spent the night in Narragansett. I though I'd take a picture of the beach and ocean the next morning. When I went outside, though, much to my surprise there was about a three-inch covering of wet snow! But, while I have beach pictures and snow pictures, this was my first chance to take a snow-beach picture.
Mystic-15 Mystic-14

We headed over to the nearby Old Lighthouse Diner for breakfast. There we had a great breakfast, good value, and pleasant conversation with the owners. It was nice enough that we came back for dinner.

I'd rate the food as superior to The Towers, Narragansett's fancy dining spot on the beach. Got to give the view from The Towers the edge, though. And the food prices aren't out of reach there if you choose from the "Pre Fixe" menu. Pre Fixe??? Well, just pretend it says Prix Fixe!

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