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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Bus Broke Down, That's All

There was a little bit of excitement on our morning walk today.  We noticed a cloud of smoke pouring from the nearby freeway.  After we passed underneath the underpass, we saw that it was coming from the engine of a bus that had pulled over and let the passengers off.

We weren't close enough to photograph much of the smoke before it died down.  A few cars had pulled over to render assistance if necessary.  And you can see the ladies and the goats were still watching.  Mechanical failures are not uncommon here.  I've been in taxis and private cars that were stopped by flat tires, empty gas tanks and more serious problems.

Fortunately there is always help available since a lot of Egyptian men have a mechanical knack.  It is not unusual to see a cluster of five or six offering advice to a stranded vehicle owner.  Here the passengers assist the driver in studying the issue:

Sometimes fairly extensive work is required as this photo taken downtown a couple years back indicates:

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