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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tourist Time in Cairo

We have friends visiting us for the next couple of weeks so we will be doing many of the usual "tourist" things for a while.  Yesterday was our guests' first day in the city so we let them recover from their 3:00a.m. arrival for much of the day.  After that it was a trip over to the area of the Pyramids and Sphinx.

That let me verify the gasoline prices.  1.75 Egyptian pounds per liter for 92 octane.  That works out to $1.22 per gallon U.S.  Leaving the station we stopped to take a picture of this boy selling vegetables.

Since it was late in the afternoon we didn't actually tour the pyramids area but spent the early evening close by where we were able to see the "Pyramids Sound and Light" show from the distance.

And we concluded the evening with a ride up the street to Andrea's Restaurant.  This in one of our favorite places for freshly roasted chicken.

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