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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dinner at the Indian Restaurant

We discovered two new restaurants on our daily walk.  Well maybe not really two.  We first spotted this building with a sign noting the 4 Seasons Chinese Restaurant.

Chinese tourist are an increasing percentage of the Egyptian visitors reflecting the increased wealth in that country.  With this addition, there are now four Chinese restaurants within a mile or so of our place.  There is one just down the street that hosts a couple of busloads of tourists most evenings.  By the way, did you spot the no-parking signs in front of the door?  Here, let's zoom in a bit:

Placing those stones in the street marks the no-parking area.

What caught our interest was the left side of the building.  The Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant.

So we returned in the eveing for dinner.  There is a common kitchen for the two restaurants.  The cook is Chinese.  The Chinese side has an extensive menu but the Indian side was only serving a "fixed menu."  We opted for the Indian cuisine.

There were a total of seven Indian items served along with a good Poori (puffed fried bread).  The desert was something new to us, a large plate of Carout Kahlwa.  It had a carrot flavor, coconut texture and was very sweet.  And, I might add, it was very tasty:

We must have missed the crowd.  The Indian side could hold about two hundred patrons, mostly at tables for twelve, just as on the Chinese side.  We were the only customers.  So I can't give any stars for atmosphere.  It was also a bit less than chilly - even Linda says it was cold.  But the service was definitely four stars and the food was fine.

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