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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Exercising in Cairo

Since August I've been working with a great trainer at Lifetime Fitness in Bloomington.  She's helped me gain strength and endurance and lose weight.  Before leaving home, Jen, the trainer, helped me work out various routines that I could do while in Cairo.  After we arrived I looked at the local superstore (Carrefour) for exercise equipment, weights, exercise mat, etc. but found that department sorely lacking.  I would have to improvise.  Some parts of the routine I can do without any equipment--crunches, supermans, step-ups--but I needed a 10 lb weight.  I used an empty water jug and filled it with water until it weighed 10 lbs.  When I move while holding the jug the water moves too but it's working for me until I can find something better.

I'm also walking, no easy task in Egypt.

The road in front of our building is impossible but I've found a way to get to the back side where the street is mostly empty of vehicles.  Mostly---that means that I have to keep a watchful eye for the few trucks, taxis, cars, bikes, donkey carts and tuk-tuks that do use this street.  I also have to keep an eye on the ground as I step over trash, rocks and other assorted rubble.

On the plus side, I get to watch the farmers, practice my Arabic with various people and get a close up view of the birds in the neighborhood.  When I arrive back at the building I  walk up 9 flights and then rest. Whew!

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