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Saturday, January 23, 2010

More Light Bulb Blues

After having the electrician in to work on several light fixtures a week ago, I thought my lighting worries were all over.  Alas, the story continues.

I flipped on the hallway light a few days ago and there was a bright flash and then darkness.

The next day, I stepped on the floor switch for that lovely new reading lamp and "pop! - crash!" the glass separated from the base and landed on the floor.  Here are those two bulbs.

 One French and one Polish.  I also burnt out another 100 watt bulb.  That one was Egyptian.  New bulbs are now in place and no more failures yet.  I bought the last two 100 watt bulbs available at Carrefour.  One was Egyptian.  Note the package specifications:

"Long Life 1000 hours."

Perhaps we have an "over-voltage" condition that is shortening the lives of our bulbs.  But we have several that have been perfoming well for us.  I don't think any of ours are going to make it into the Guiness Book of Records, though.  Check this "century" bulb story:
The North Fort Worth Historical Society celebrated the anniversary of this 40-watt bulb, first illuminated on September 21, 1908....

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