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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Professional Help Needed

I noticed water on the floor of our "powder room" a couple of days ago.  Getting down for a look showed a minor leak between the toilet and the external piping. 

Here's a view of the area on our other toilet.

 (on the leaking plumbing, the pipe is on a very flat line from toilet to external piping.)

This meant looking for a plumber.  We contacted a couple of friends.  One plumber didn't show up yesterday morning so we tried again and Ali showed up at the appointed time this morning.  The leak is at the junction between the wall and the plastic pipe.  He quickly assessed the problem and got out a bag of plaster and mixed up a small batch.  He soon had a smooth covering over the area in question.  We tested it - no leak! 

Now I would have at least let the plaster dry before testing.  Maybe even used a silicone caulk.  But my friend says Ali knows his stuff, and besides, he'll come back and fix it again if it fails.

The fee?  Ten pounds Egyptian.  A Bit under two dollars.  We threw in another four pounds for being on time.

I'm sure you are dying to see what is on the other side of that wall.  Here it is.

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