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Friday, January 22, 2010

New Lamps for the Cairo Condo

We were downtown with friends last Friday and stopped at a lighting store in an area that is quite a bit more "upscale" than out here by the pyramids.  Our friend was shopping prices for some new lighting.  I found a nice modern fixture that I thought would make a good reading light.  We carefully inspected the fixture and globes in the store, paid the marked price and brought it home.

There is another lighting store just up the street from us.  I call it "Lamps r Us."

This one is mostly lamps but has a few other furnishings, too.  Last year it was only open by appointment but this year it seems to have something close to scheduled hours.  Linda had arranged for an opening last year and found an attractive lamp but we didn't buy it.  We went over a couple of days ago to check out the wares.

It turns out that the owner has his own lamp factory and is in business with his three brothers.  They learned the trade from their father who began pounding brass and copper into lamps many years back.  Many of the lamps at Kahn al Khalili bazaar come from their factory.  Think "Factory Outlet" - right here on our street!

No quick purchase here.  Tea, conversation, prices, deal!

We bought these two traditional style lamps.

I'm told that the one on the left is based on an "ewer," not the "water jug" I thought it was. It appears to be a quality piece, weighing in at around thirteen pounds.

The shop owner lives nearby and we have been promised a factory tour.

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