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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dinner Time

We were invited over to a friend's home last night to visit. We have learned to always "go hungry" when invited by anyone here. We spent the first few minutes getting updates on the extended family. New babies, children's ages and the like. Then, after a few more minutes, a large serving platter appeared, carried gracefully on the head of our host's wife.

This is typical Egyptian hospitality and typical dinner food. Two large plates of rice, a plate of roasted chicken four bowls of vegetables and three spoons. One vegetable bowl held potatoes in a tasty tomato sauce. The other bowl held a mixture of peas, carrots and potatoes in tasty tomato sauce. If you don't enjoy tomato sauce, you might not want to eat during your stay in Egypt. "Ubiquitous" is probably the best description for it.

The three spoons were for the three people who were expected to eat. Linda and I took two of the spoons, fenced off portions of one rice plate with our choice of vegetables and enjoyed an excellent dinner.

Of course, a plate of flat bread was served along with the meal and a common glass for water from the pitcher. We usually skip the water and wait for tea.

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