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Monday, January 17, 2011

There's Been a Change in the Weather

If you were looking at my earlier post on our visit to the Friday car maket, you might have noticed an ominous appearance in the distant sky:

It look a bit more like Kansas than Cairo! We had heard a couple of cracks of thunder earlier. After ducking under a coffee shop roof for about ten minutes to escape a shower, we headed back toward our car when the dark sky started to rumble again and bigger rain drops started to pelt us. Then hail. Then dime-sized hail. Then quarters!

We joined a few people standing under a roof near the water tower and waited it out. The hail didn't accumulate as it did last year, but there was plenty of rain.

And rain is not something that the streets of Cairo deal with very effectively.

Do you know any other occasional visitor who has experienced two hailstorms in Cairo?

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