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Monday, January 17, 2011

House Hunters, International

Linda has a post for the blog, today:

Today we thought we were on "House Hunters International" and it was so much fun. Our friend took us to a residential area that he said had inexpensive housing. The first one we saw was totally unfinished, ie no windows, no doors, no flooring, just a concrete shell. It was 2 levels in an apartment bldg. We found this one semi interesting. No price.

2nd one was what they call a "villa" which means a house. This one was what they call a semi-detached in Canada. It was 2 houses together with a shared wall. It was about 5,000 sq ft on 3 levels. I don't think that included the garage and rooftop. The floor plan was awful--so cut up. It was a 5 yr old bldg but never lived in. Below grade was the garage, a big area that could be a family room, a bath and a big storage area. 1st floor had a big kitchen, 2 baths and a 2 story living room. 3rd floor had 3 bedrooms--master with en suite--another bath, a loggia overlooking the living room and another family room. Then we went up circular stairs so steep that it felt like a ladder to the roof top. Lovely space there but really not a particularly wonderful view. There was a side yard and a back yard, something quite rare here. The place cost about $276,000 but......it was never completed and would take so much more money and TIME to make it liveable. It would be a fun project but I'd have to live here full time and then I'd miss book club. OK, that settles it, book club wins every time. We were never really interested but it was offered for our viewing so of course we said we'd look.

Homes-2 Homes-1

Number 3 was the best even tho we didn't get to look inside. The owner is a friend of our friend and the owner is in the US. But the garden was wonderful. It even had a banana tree with bananas on it. I said I'd buy it just for that. The yard and patio were tiny by US standards but I found it totally charming. There were rose bushes and other vegetation and a lovely marble patio and an outdoor covered kitchen. Who needs to see the inside with all that?!! We were told that it had 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bath and living room. Don't know the price but alas, it's already taken. Can't have that one either.

Guess I'll just stick with what I have.

Posted by Linda

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