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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Odds and Ends

Our favorite cat is back.

This is Dusty. She has spent the winter months on our doorstep the past couple of years.

She seems to be spending most of her time with other people who must be feeding her now, though. She keeps an eye on our place and runs down to check when she hears the door. She has a couple of descendants that hang around our door mat pretty regularly. One, we have named Sheba as she sits like a queen upstairs.

I suspect that most of these cats trace their ancestry back to this guy that we have dubbed, "Big Tom." He's usually outside but sometimes comes up to our floor too.


The "Cheena Car" that I blogged about last year doesn't seem to have gone over very well. Friends tell us that people who bought them found it hard to find replacement parts. The nearby dealer who was always on hand when we returned home in the evenings now appears to be closed.
OddsEnds-1-2 OddsEnds-3


We always watch carefully where we step when we are walking the streets here. This open hole shows why. Notice how the cover has fallen into the man-hole. A few days ago we were walking along a major street when a car tire ran over a similar cover spinning it 360 degrees! This one is on our regular daily walk. Yesterday, someone had marked it a bit better, with a bush. You won't find any orange cones here.
OddsEnds-1 OddsEnds-2

Here's another hazard.

I bought a tube of glue to re-hang a 3m hook that came off our tile wall. 3m adhesives may not be up to the climate stress here. Notice the instructions on the back for clean up. Just use a little petrol (gasoline!) to help get the excess off. How many times have you seen the advice "DON'T USE GASOLINE AS A SOLVENT" back home!
OddsEnds-4 OddsEnds-6


I walked over to the State-run gas station today to check on the price of 85 octane petrol, by the way. This is the stuff that powers the Tuk-Tuks, Ladas and Fiats here. It is running 1.42 Egyptian pounds per liter. That works out to 93 cents per gallon. Think about that the next time you fill up.

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