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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Alba, Italy

About twenty miles to the southwest of Asti lies the town of Alba. Alba is another large town dating from the time of the Roman Empire. It is well known for its wines and especially its white truffles.

Alba offers the customary town square, this time with the Cathedral of San Lorenzo.

AstiAlba-22 AstiAlba-23

Although the famous white truffles of Alba were not in season, truffle based products are always for sale. There are many shops specializing in pasta or other truffle flavored foods.
AstiAlba-26 AstiAlba-24

Since truffles are expensive and strong in flavor, you might want to buy a special tool to shave them into your favorite dish.

If that one is not big enough, this one at the entrance to town is about six feet long.

Narrow streets with shops offer numerous shops.

Demonstrations and protests are the place to be this winter, world-wide. These women were joining the Sunday demonstration for diginity in protest of Italian prime-minister Burlesconi's behavior.

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