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Monday, February 14, 2011

Greek Street Musicians

Greece is a lively place when it comes to music. We passed several musicians on our first day looking for a hotel in the center of Athens. My favorite, though, was this one. I suppose he was a misplaced American from the sixties of seventies. He was singing "Stand By Me." Electrified and Amplified. And he was doing a fine job. Well worth a Euro into the guitar case.

Both theses folks on the left and the "meat market" crew on the right had more of a traditional and classical European flair to their music.
Musicians-3 Musicians-2

We saw many individuals and small groups playing accordions. I was just about tired of songs from "Zorba the Greek" by the time we left.

Here is Linda paying for another "Zorba" song. If it weren't politically incorrect, I'd say this was played by a gold-toothed gypsy. So, let's just say it was done by an itinerant Romanian with expensive dental work.
Musicians-4 Musicians-5

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