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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sessant, Italy

Bill and Maria actually live a bit northwest of Asti in the hilltop community of Sessant. The area reminds me a great deal of the area northwest of Portland, Oregon, where I grew up. The January climate was mild and moist. The hilltops were shrouded in fog for a good part of the day. Snow was visible on some of the valley floors in ares shaded by the hills.

Homes are perched carefully on the very tops of the ridges overlooking the valleys.

A tiny village with a church marks the actual community of Sessant. This community building is the town's social center.

Notice the sign to the right of the door. This is a Circolo, the simplest form of Italian restaurant.
Circolo-2 Circolo-3

Here is the more formal restaurant in the village.

An interesting aspect of Italian culture is the posting of obituaries in a public place, frequently on the outside of the church but also in other public spaces.

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