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Monday, February 27, 2012

Airplane on a Stick - Pensacola, Florida

You may see other aircraft on a stick in Pensacola, but this one is special.

The fifth Grumman F-14 produced stand proudly in front of the National Museum of Navy Aviation in Pensacola.  Anyone interested in airplanes should plan on devoting a full day to visit this museum.  If you are traveling on I-10, it is only about 15 miles to the south, via exit 7.  You will have to enter the Naval Air Station so don't panic when you cross the bridge and find yourself headed into a military base.  All the driver will need to do is show his driver's license to gain access to the base.

The initial flight of an F-14 was in December of 1970 and more than 700 were built.  You can probably find one on display near you, even if you are not in Florida.

Here is a view from the opposite side.

For more on the F-14, read through the Wikipedia entry.

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John clinton said...

I would really love o pay a visit in Florida and also the military base there. I also heard there are other cool things to see in their military bases in Florida website.