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Friday, February 17, 2012

Antiquing in Milton, Florida

We made one trip up to Milton, about twenty-five miles from here, while mom-in-law was visiting.  Pensacola and Gulf Breeze hold the "fancy antiques" and flea markets, but the Milton area appears to be the center of the antique malls.

That trip brought us to the Copper 'Possum Antique Mall on Highway 90.  These folks appear to be the leaders of the Emerald Coast Antique Dealers Association.  This mall has variety.  I quickly amused myself browsing through outboard motors, books and an old National cash register from about 1912. 
Milton-01 Milton-05

I'm still wondering if I shouldn't go back and pick up that Tecumsah outboard.
Linda and her mom seemed less fascinated by these items but found other items of their own to browse.

With a heavy 1924 volume titled, Political and Social History of Modern Europe in my hand, I soon came upon the two volume book set pictured above.
Milton-06 Milton-07

Of course, it was penned just down the coast a hundred miles or so at the writing pavilion at Beauvoir.   While the whole text is available as a Kindle book for free, the drawings in these paper volumes are exceptionally well done.  Worth $30 for the two volumes?  Well, it probably depends on whether you call the author "President Davis" as the locals do or just Jefferson Davis.

My next major stop in this shop was at the cash register - not the one at the front desk, this old one in the back room.  This one needs a little restoration to look like the one I found in Hico, Texas, last year.  But the price is right.

I had four books in hand by the time I got to the real cash register.  All were 50% off!

Our next stop was at the Old Post Office Antiques & Piano Cafe.  Now there's an idea.  Put a lunch cafe in your antique shop.  And this one has very good sandwiches.  We shared the apricot bread pudding dessert.

While sitting in the cafe, I noticed the mural above the postmaster's office.  Was this another WPA artist's mural?  I was excited to get back to the Internet and check it out.

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