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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Muffler Man in Spooner, Wisconsin

We had to take a trip down to New Richmond, Wisconsin from our lake cabin in Gordon last weekend.  Along the way, Linda spotted a "muffler man" near Spooner.  (See this post for more information about this line of sculptures.)  We came back a couple of days later to get a closer look.

Muffler man in Spooner is dressed as a cowboy and greets visitors to a go-kart track along highway 63 just east of the town.  He's a little difficult to photograph with all those guy wires and a post behind him.

Apparently, knocking down muffler man is something of a sport with the local teenagers.  He had been brought to the ground a couple of times before the post went up behind him for additional support.  Once, they had to "call out the fiberglass man for repairs, you know." Some years back he had been located downtown.  The track owner "bought him from the bank, you know," I was told by the attendant.  Reportedly, he once stood at Mel's 66 Truck Stop, which has been out of business since 1975. 

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