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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Poor Richard's Antiques, Spooner, Wisconsin

We can't go through Spooner, Wisconsin without making a stop at Poor Richard's Antiques.  We've been stopping there for over thirty years.  I notice that there is a "for sale" on the whole property.  Perhaps it will soon be gone.  They used to be in a house in the city and a nearby shed but soon outgrew that.

How to describe this place?  Eclectic?  Unusual?  I picked up a 1919 issue of Railroad Telegrapher on this stop.  Take a look at the wooden runabout and the International truck in the front yard.
Carshow-20 Carshow-19

One specialty of Poor Richard's is the old outboard motor.  These models, kept indoors, appear to be real classics.
Carshow-12 Carshow-13 Carshow-14

But don't overlook the "newer" models out in the yard.
Carshow-16 Carshow-18

And, at the checkout counter, they have an old NCR cash register.  Not as great a model as the one in Hico, Texas, but it is is good condition and they actually use it.
Carshow-09 Carshow-10

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