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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Not Always


"Isn't it hot in Egypt?" That's the question I'm often asked. My response is either, "Yes and no." or "Not always." Then I go on to explain that while Cairo is indeed near the desert (not actually IN the desert), deserts cool off after sunset since there is nothing there to hold the heat. This year the temperatures are cooler than typical. We've had a low temp of 45 F and our daily highs have ranged from 60-65F.  I consider those temperatures perfect for walking outside without overheating but it is chilly when just sitting. Buildings are made of clay bricks and concrete so they stay cool and typically do not have heat. Here I am participating in my night time hobby, reading. I don't mind having to wrap up like this when I consider what I'm missing by not wintering in Minnesota. Nope. I don't miss that cold and snow one bit.

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Aliza said...

Well, at least you look cozy!