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Monday, February 1, 2016

A Familiar Tune

We stopped in at the neighborhood supermarket a few days ago down on the commercial end of the street.  It's about a half mile walk from our condo.

The supermarket is Ragab Sons, seen on the right in this picture.  The Ragab store draws a lot of traffic to the area.  Cars, buses, tuk-tuks and pedestrians.  As I walked through the produce section of the store, I was enjoying the harp music playing in the background.  I started to sing along: "Noel, Noel, the angels did sing..."

"Wait a minute," I thought, "where am I?"

The next Christmas Carol up was "Away in the manger."  I guess that someone had found a very soothing CD of harp solos and put it on the play list.

I should add that the ownership of Ragab is reputed to be a group of very fundamental Muslims.

Meanwhile, Linda was over in the meat and cheese area picking up some items.  The limited deli section is usually busy and requires customers to take a number, just as you would expect back home.

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