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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How's That Internet Connection Working Out?

Pretty well, actually.  Thanks for asking.

We can now watch most videos that show up via YouTube links.  This is very good for all the cat videos that show up on Facebook.

And a couple of nights ago, we used Skype with a video link to talk to our next-door-neighbors in Bloomington, something that was definitely not achievable via the old setup.

I thought I would boldly try to watch a few television shows available at home on the net.

It turns out that both ABC and CBS restrict coverage outside of the U.S.
Internet1-1 Internet1-2

You might also be interested in how those phone cables up the side of the building are working out.  You may recall that at the base of the building, we have this batch of phone wires running up and into various apartments and businesses from the phone company's box.

This is the view out the window from my corner office, and from the living room window.
Telco3-1 Internet2-1

Someone has recently strung a hone wire to a higher floor across my satellite dish in back.

But this view toward my neighbor's satellite dish gives a nice complement to the wiring at the ground floor phone box.

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