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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Taha (1963 - 2016)


We received the sad news late this afternoon that desert guide, Taha, had passed away a few hours earlier.

With his warm personality and sly sense of humor, Taha brought great fun to any gathering.  Truly a man of the people as well as a man of the desert, no matter where he stopped to visit, people magically appeared to greet him and begin a conversation.

His grilled chicken dinners in the desert are on the "highlights of Egypt" list for many a visitor.
Taha-29 Taha-19

He is dearly missed by friends and family, as well as those of us who only had the opportunity to share a few days with him.
Taha-23 Taha-01

1 comment:

Aliza said...

He was a great cook and a great person.