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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Rankings Are in

The eighteenth annual Mercer quality of living list was just released.  Mercer is a division of the highly regarded HR benefits consulting firm of Marsh & McLennan.  The list is part of their consulting service by which companies figure out how much money you have to pay someone to get them to go work in country xxx.

The top ten cities on this year's list are:

1 Vienna, Austria
2 Zurich, Switzerland
3 Auckland, New Zealand
4 Munich, Germany
5 Vancouver, Canada
6 Dusseldorf, Germany
7 Frankfurt, Germany
8 Geneva, Switzerland
9 Copenhagen, Denmark
10 Sydney, Australia

The bottom ten are:

221 Conakry, Guinea

222 Kinshasa, Congo, Democratic Republic of
223 Brazzaville, Congo, Republic of
224 Damascus, Syria

225 N'Djamena, Chad

226 Khartoum, Sudan

227 Port-au-Prince, Haiti

228 Sana'a, Yemen

229 Bangui, Central African Republic
230 Baghdad, Iraq

Naturally, readers of this blog are curious about Cairo and their own neighborhoods.

Cairo comes in at number 171

Here are the rankings for U.S. Cities:

28 San Francisco

34 Boston

35 Honolulu

43 Chicago

44 New York City

46 Seattle

49 Los Angeles

51 Washington

56 Pittsburgh

57 Philadelphia

61 Minneapolis

63 Dallas

65 Houston

66 Miami

67 Atlanta

68 St. Louis

70 Detroit

You just might disagree.  After all, Detroit is just nine behind Minneapolis and 101 ahead of Cairo!  But, read the whole thing here and a summary article in the U.K. Daily Mail with pictures here.

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