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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Checking on the Pillows, Part 1

We returned to the pillow/cushion factory near Bab Zuwayla today to see if the first of our pillows was made correctly. On the way, we passed through a meat market area of town.  The butchers had a nice selection of lamb prepared for purchase.  We've never seen so much meat available at one time.

We found the same lady soyas to help park the car.  It was a tight squeeze for us this time.  In a case like this, one leaves the car in neutral with the wheels pointed straight ahead so that the soyas and another driver can push the car forward or back to free up space for someone to leave.

As we prepared to walk to the pillow store, we noticed a new type of tourist tram parked near the Bab.  This appears to be a European funded project.  Our friend called this vehicle a tuf-tuf.

In just two days time, the atmosphere around Bab Zuwayla has changed. Ramadan merchandise has come into the area.  It is just about seven weeks until the start of Ramadan on April 24th and the merchants like to get a jump on the event, just as our Christmas merchandise begins coming into the shops in early November.  The brightly colored items are very distinctive.

It may be that I just never have noticed them before, but Ramadan cannon decorations seem to be in style this year.  This is a symbolic representation of the cannon fired at sunset each day during Ramadan signifying that the day's fasting period has ended.

One young man hawking Ramadan merchandise was insistent that I take his picture.  I cheerfully obliged but now how do I get it to him?  With a camera and no WIFI on it, I was too old school. He is used to photos from mobile phones which is all most people use anymore.  He gave me his Facebook ID and password so I could post it from home tonight.  It's amazing how trusting people are here.
Cushion2-10   Cushion2-11

Not far from the pillow shop, a sweet potato roaster came down the narrow street in the opposite direction.  I have written about these before.  The potatoes with butter are delicious.  I should have picked one up for lunch as it was going to be a long day out.
Cushion2-08 Cushion2-09

Roshdy had brought his daughter, Noora, along so we had another pair of eyes for considering color on the cushions.  We were in for a treat as we would also get to see the manufacturing side of the pillow factory.

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