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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Shopping for Pillows

We were on a specific shopping mission yesterday.  We need nine pillows of a very specific size for our chairs on the porch back home in Bloomington.  There is a "pillow shop" close to the Street of the Tentmakers along the shopping road from Bab Zuwayla to El Azhar.  It is right next to what I call the "cotton shop."

You just proceed a couple of blocks down this street until you see the cotton bales.
Pillow-03 Pillow-04

Yes, that's it.

While there are plenty of sizes, shapes and colors in stock,

We wanted a custom size, laid out just so on the right fabric.  The owner was happy to oblige.

While Linda attended to the particulars, I browsed the shop looking for interesting things besides the pillows.  Among the things hanging on the wall, I found an old photo.

And the landline telephone will make an interesting addition to my photo collection of old phones.

We paid for one pillow and will return in a couple of days to see if it is made correctly.  Then we can order eight more.  I hope the measurements are right!

I found a lovely pillow sitting in the shop that I thought  might make a great addition somewhere at home or here.  I still have to convince Linda that we need it.

I think if we buy it fully stuffed, we can get it with the special "supper soft" filling.

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