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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Egypt's Government Takes Action

From the Egypt Independent, earlier this afternoon:
"Egypt’s cabinet announced that employees in both the private and public sectors would be given paid leave on Thursday in light of inclement weather conditions forecast for this weekend across the country. "
"The decision excluded employees in vital facilities such as drinking water and sanitation services, transportation, health care workers, mills and bakeries, and police services. Employees of these sectors will continue work normally on Thursday, according to the cabinet’s statement."
Both rain and wind are forecast for tomorrow!

We will keep you apprised of resulting damage.  Hoping to make it out for teaching and a bakery visit in spite of all hazards.

It rained lightly throughout the late night and morning.  Streets had puddling in places.  The horse-drawn carts and tuk-tuks had the worst of it as they struggled through the deeper spots.
Rain2-1 Rain2-2

These two fellows put plastic to work to ward off the showers.  Some pedestrians were holding cardboard over their heads.


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