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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn. Part IV - The Tools

There is a section of the Henry Ford Museum devoted to tools.  I found the exhibit of metal-working tools to be particularly interesting.  Most of the ones pictured below were produced between the end of the Civil War and the beginning of the Twentieth Century.  This was a time of tremendous advance in agriculture, engineering and manufacturing owing to the development of these tools.

This corner of the exhibit shows a number of manufacturing tools:


Most of the tools in the exhibit originated in the New England area from two companies.  J. R. Brown & Sharpe of Providence, R.I., and Waltham Watch of Waltham, Mass.

FordMuseum-55 FordMuseum-56 FordMuseum-62

Here are a few pictures of the machines close up.
FordMuseum-60 FordMuseum-61

FordMuseum-63 FordMuseum-64

FordMuseum-65 FordMuseum-66

FordMuseum-57 FordMuseum-58 FordMuseum-59

There is also a nice sample of gears, presumably cut on a gear-cutter similar to the one shown above.


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