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Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Great Place to Read a Book

The weekends generally bring clarity to the air in Cairo. I'm not sure how much of the usual haze in the air is due to pollution and how much is just from vehicles kicking up dust but the air almost always clears on the weekends.

Weekends begin on Thursday afternoon and include Friday's day of prayer, Saturday and Sunday. We chose to spend this Sunday out on the balcony. The air was clear and warm and we both read. I am finishing up "The First Computers, History and Architecture." Linda is reading "The Last Days of Old Beijing."

The view from our balcony to the Southwest was particularly good today. We could see the pyramids at Sakkara, about fifteen miles away. Most days we only see the farm fields just beyond the apartment when we look in that direction.

Here's the view to the Southwest (Click any picture to enlarge)

Yes, those are the pyramids at Sakkara on the horizon:

And here I am reading about Conrad Zuse' relay-based computer from the 1930s

If you visit Cairo, try to make it out to the Giza pyramids on a weekend. A picture that includes the Giza pyramids in the foreground and Sakkara pyramids in the background is a rare prize.

1 comment:

Kailey said...

wow, is that ever clear! I've only seen it like that once since I have been here!
I wonder if you still have the same view or if buildings have been built.