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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Between Aswan and Luxor

Linda's ladies returned from southern Egypt a few days ago. After a brief stay here in the city, they departed on a camping tour of the Black and White Deserts. After returning again to Cairo, the ladies left and returned home via Amsterdam.

That means, Linda is back at the apartment and we have fresh pictures to look at!

We'll pick up her tour at Luxor. There are several ways to move between Luxor and Aswan. They have different advantages.
  • Travel by air is fast. It also offers a unique perspective. You actually get to see the blue water of the Nile, the narrow ribbon of green on both sides and the bright yellow of the sand beyond the green.

  • The trip by train between the two cities is only a couple of hours. If you want to try an Egyptian train ride, this might be a good choice. The train is a little grubby (that's in first class) but you get a decent view of the scenery. It is generally a convenient and inexpensive way to get around in Egypt.

  • Travel by cruise ship is the definite preference. There are many, many cruise ships on the Nile between Luxor and Aswan.

    Quality varies considerably. This is where a trustworthy travel agent comes in handy.
Linda and the ladies took a cruise ship up the Nile from Luxor to Aswan on this trip. Linda and Terry took a cruise ship in the opposite direction last November. Generally, a small pool is located on the top deck. The trip runs about three or four nights in each direction.

In Luxor, the ships arrive and depart from a dock very close to the Luxor Temple.

The advantage of the cruise ship is that you will get to view some of the life along the Nile without the intrusion of too much modernity.

There is still a lot of village life that makes you think you are seeing Ancient Egypt - even if you suspect that the fisherman or farmer you see has a cell phone in the pocket of his galabiya.

If you are traveling up river to Aswan, you will be greeted by a very modern bridge jolting you back to reality.

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