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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Linda's Ladies Are On Tour

The three ladies that Linda is leading through the tourist sites of Egypt have arrived. Yesterday they visited the nearby pyramids of Giza. I am remaining here at the apartment while they enjoy the two-week tour. I will try to keep readers of this blog up to date on the ladies' progress by posting pictures that we have taken in the past of the sites they visit.

Meanwhile, I am attending to projects like supervising the electrician who last night replaced a switch and two faulty light bulb sockets. I notice that he carries a cloth bag of tools as did the carpenter whom I described earlier. This must be the standard crafts "toolbox."

Yesterday, after touring the pyramids, Linda called to say that she and the ladies were just down the block at this Papyrus shop.

It appears that one of the nearby shops on this street is a frequent stop for tour groups. I went down and joined the ladies. The shop is very bright and cheery. It is well organized for the tea sipping, demonstrations of papyrus making and hieroglyphic printing that accompanies all visits to the pyramids. And I got a free cup of tea. "No charge for looking!" as the saying goes here.

Tomorrow, the ladies will be coming back to the papyrus shop. It appears that they may regret not making an offer on some pictures. They will stop in to visit here. Good thing I picked up some goodies at the bakery!

By the way, this is what the baked goods at our neighborhood bakery look like:

And it occurs to me that I did two posts below that are more or less related to my walk to the bakery this afternoon without ever showing you the actual bakery. Well here it is. Notice that one customer has pulled up right at the edge of the shop. His passenger is just returning to the car with a bag of goodies. The shopkeeper in dark blue speaks English quite well.

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