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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Watching the Superbowl from Cairo

We finally did get a satellite dish installed. That will be worth a post of its own, later. I have 560 free channels to choose from and found two carrying Superbowl XLIII. RAI Sports had the game coverage in Italian and ARD "Das Erste" provided a German version.

Both networks provided commercial-free programming. Usually I would think this was great but, of course, for this game I'd like to see them. I'm sure there will be plenty of coverage of the ads available on the Internet, tomorrow, though.

I found the German station to have a slightly better version of the game. During the unseen commercial breaks, the Italian coverage generally just showed a long shot of the stadium.

The German station showed sideline shots and player interviews.

The Germans had two commentators and a third reporter on the sidelines.

Both stations covered the Springsteen halftime show in full.

And the remarkable part is that it was a great game. I kept thinking that Pittsburgh was going to find a way to run away with it. Then I thought the Cardinals would just give it away with penalties.

But no, this was one of the best Superbowls ever and well worth my staying up past 5:00 a.m. to watch. Certainly the best final three minutes!

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