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Saturday, February 27, 2010

At Montazah Palace

At the eastern end of the Corniche in Alexandria lie the Montazah Gardens. These gardens surround Montazah palace, the palace of King Farouk. Farouk was the last king of Egypt and was overthrown in 1952. If you want to pick up just a bit of why Middle-Eastern affairs are complicated, read the story of Farouk and the revolution.

As you approach the gardens and palace, it seems a bit like entering Disneyland. Here is the main gate.

The gardens surrounding the palace form a wonderful park. It is easy to spend a couple of hours strolling through the area, perhaps ending up at the king's private harbor. The entrance leads to a long road lined with palms that guide you in the general direction of the palace.

Some glimpses appear of the palace

and then the entire building.

Strolling elsewhere in the gardens leads past many flowers and you might end up at the clock tower.

Almost nothing spoils the view except these small signs for an unlikely restaurant:

We had lunch at a nearby Egyptian restaurant on the grounds and then returned to the Corniche. There we walked for a mile or so before pausing at a sidewalk coffee shop where we watched the sun set.

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