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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thunder and Lightning in Cairo

We're back in Cairo, today, after our very pleasant stay in Alexandria.

We awoke this morning to a surprise. Wet streets! I've mentioned before that a few drops of rain on the balcony railing was the extent of precipitation we experience here last winter. Although it rained lightly a couple of times earlier this winter, it was barely enough to form puddles.

This morning, a fairly steady light rain left the roads wet.

As the rain continued to fall, this taxi driver pulled over to wipe off his windshield. Perhaps the wipers don't work?

After the rain, the sun came out and we had a beautifully clear afternoon. The visibility was as good as I have ever seen here. I could easily see the hills out in the desert beyond the edge of the city. This is just what I've wanted all winter, a nice rain to wash the dust off the palm trees and clear the air.

At about 5:00 p.m., though, clouds returned. Thunder rumbled in the distance. The sky began to take on a definite mid-western U.S. appearance.

Soon, there were flashes of lightning, followed by rain. Then - "ding," "ding," "clang!" Hailstones were hitting the various satellite dishes! We actually had several "pea to dime-sized" hailstones on the balcony. Where is WCCO when you need it?

The rain hit hard at about the same time.

As I write this at a quarter to seven, the rain is still falling (gently.) The wind is howling. The temperature had fallen to 43 degrees (F.) but has rebounded to 47. And is tha more thunder that I hear? I guess that today was winter in Cairo.

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