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Monday, February 22, 2010

On the Corniche in Alexandria

A feature of most cities in Egypt is "the Corniche," meaning a walking road along the waterfront, usually, the Nile.  Here, in Alexandria, the Cornich extends for a good twelve miles along the Mediterranean.  We spent yesterday walking about a third of it.

They tell us that Alexandria is not crowded because it is winter.  The temperature was about 70 degrees yesterday and the walk was very pleasant.  The road itself is three lanes in each direction.  The beach is readily accessible in many spots.

This view, toward the Northeast, shows the area known as "Miami."

Most of the activity on this day centered around the local fishermen.

Cats are found everywhere in Egypt.  The cats along the Corniche waited for a handout of leftover bait fish and some of the fishermen provided treats for them.  Our cat at home has no idea how lucky she is.

This kitty has just a tail left to chew on this morsel.

Many people walked or just sat, watching the waves.

The view in this area is dominated for a couple of miles in each direction by the "Four Seasons" hotel, apartment and shopping complex.  This is a pair of 35-story semicircular buildings with their own marina.

We stopped for a late lunch at a restaurant with a view of the Stanley Bridge.

We walked almost to the main downtown area, pausing to admire this wall of fountains as dusk arrived.

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