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Sunday, February 21, 2010

We're in Alexandria

After locating our friend, Mohammed, in Shanawan, we spent some time getting re-acquainted.  Mohammed owns several apartments and was kind enough to offer us the use of his place in Alexandria for a while.

Yesterday, he drove us via a scenic route from Cairo to Alexandria and gave us an orientation to the city.  I'll be blogging from here for the next few days.  Alexandria has a much different flavor than Cairo  Being on the Mediterranean Sea, the scenery is vastly different.  It is a large city of over four million stretched along some twenty miles of coastline.

The view from this sixteenth floor apartment doesn't look anything like the Egypt I've seen up until now.

The dominant feature is the Mediterranean.

This morning, we noticed people nearby fishing and just "watching the waves," as we were also doing from the distance.

So, with that short introduction to the city, we are off to the beach for the rest of the afternoon.

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