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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jackson, Missouri. Concrete Castings of Fruitland.

Interstate 55 runs from St. Louis south to Memphis.  About a third of the way down this stretch we noticed one our favorite places to explore, a "concrete casting" sales room.  For some reason, these are more popular in the South than in our area of the U.S.  As Linda was scanning the castings from the car, she noticed a moving camel.  And a donkey!

We pulled off at the next exit and looped back to investigate.  I suspect this part of Concrete Castings of Fruitland's business plan.  Attract the kids and the Sawyers with live animals to get the cars to stop.  Then sell them some lovely concrete animals.

Yes, the camel is real:

And, the Ze-donk is unusual, who can resist a goat on a tin roof anywhere and isn't an albino peacock quite rare?
Missouri-Memphis-01 Missouri-Memphis-02 Missouri-Memphis-08

And the concrete castings were cute too.
Missouri-Memphis-05 Missouri-Memphis-06

I could go for a couple of the monument stones as good additions to the garden.

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