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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Gulf Breeze Flea Market

Gulf Breeze lies on a peninsula in between our island community of Pensacola Beach and the coastal town of Pensacola proper.  You can see all three towns in this photo taken from the Pensacola Beach side of things.

While driving through Gulf Breeze, we noticed the sign for the weekend flea market and decided to visit last Saturday.

There is a farmer's market at the entrance with some good produce.

Inside, there were lots of goodies.  This fellow offers quite a bit of computer gear.  He doesn't mind letting you know his political preferences, too.  By the way, if Ron Paul is going to make a showing anywhere in the primaries this year, it is probably going to be here in the Florida panhandle.  I have seen about as many Paul signs as anything, and their owners are pretty far up on the enthusiasm scale.

I admired someone taking a crack at selling this bunch of wires.  I keep mine in a large record storage box back at home.  Maybe if I rented a booth at a flea market ...

And another fellow had just about every old video game system imaginable working and ready for purchase.

And how can anyone resist spending time in an area where everything's a dollar?  Some of the items in the second picture are a bit higher, but equally interesting.
Pensacola2-7 Pensacola2-8

And I did find a book that I couldn't resist.  "The Legend of Briggs & Stratton," from 1995.  Not just an engine maker, B&S once made "Frigerators" and radios.  Who knew?  And I got it for only $5 when Amazon.com is looking for $8.95 minimum for a used copy.

Then we discovered that this flea market isn't even the best one in the area.  That distinction goes to another one over in Pensacola which bills itself as "The Largest Gulf Coast Flea Market."  We'll be there next weekend.  I'm sure Linda is already excited.

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