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Friday, January 6, 2012

Tampico, Illinois

We are headed for Springfield, Illinois to photograph the State Capitol building.  Naturally, I am easily diverted when something interesting comes up.  Now even though the Tourist Information Center at the border was closed, the Town of Tampico managed to put a brochure near the state maps that alerted us to the fact that we were pretty darned close to the birthplace of president Ronald Reagan.  We never miss a presidential birthplace, childhood home or presidential library.

As we approached Tampico an hour or so later, a sign showed that we were in the right place.

Tampico is one of several Illinois locations on the Reagan presidential trail.  I had no idea.  Did you?

We soon located the Reagan birthplace.  (1911)  He was born in an apartment above either a bakery or a tavern, depending on who is telling the story.  Apparently, the building housed a bakery, a tavern and a bank on the bottom floor at various times.  I kind of prefer the "saloon" version myself.  Bank certainly has presidential stature, but something tells me that the gipper would go for "saloon."
IowaDay2-22 IowaDay2-23

And the mural.

And the boyhood home. (1911-1914)
IowaDay2-24 IowaDay2-25

Well, that put us a bit behind schedule.  That meant that we didn't get to Springfield yet.  So we stopped in Peoria for the night.  But in between Tampico and Peoria, we got to see a beautiful sunset.  And I decided that it was time for one more windmill picture.  I think they look better in the sunset, don't you agree?

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