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Friday, January 27, 2012

A Visit to Old Time Pottery

It was foggy and rainy on Monday and that called for an indoor activity.  I would have to pay the price, too, for making Linda go to the Flea Market on Saturday.  We headed west along the scenic gulf coast highway into Alabama for Orange Beach and then north toward Foley.

Old Time Pottery has a Wikipedia entry that describes it as an "expansive discount home decor retailer, headquartered in Murfreesboro, Tennessee."    There are about twenty locations with half of them in Florida and Alabama.  The Wikipedia entry doesn't really have much more information.  Possibly, the author was simply unable to come up with words to describe this place.

Well, "kitsch," "junk" and "tacky" could possibly be weaved into the description.  But you just have to have admiration for people who could find so many economical housewares, garden doo-dads, patio furniture and the like and display it all under one roof.  And that roof seems to just go on forever.  As do the aisles.
PB-Storm-07 PB-Storm-05

Do you want cushions for your patio chair or chaise?  They have four aisles like this.

Maybe you just want turquoise pottery, but in a variety of shapes.  They have that too.

Another customer (male) walked up to me and said, "are you having fun yet?"  Well, actually I was.  But I didn't admit it.

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