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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bond Falls, Michigan

Tuesday, after our visit to Old Victoria, we were off to visit two more waterfalls.

We headed first to Bond Falls.
Bond-08 Bond-06

Bond Falls is located about 40 miles south of Ontonagon.  There were many more visitors here than at the falls we visited on Monday.  Bond is much more accessible and has multiple levels of falls.  Of course we stopped to look at a few leaves on the way in.  Yes they really are that red.
Bond-1-5 Bond-05

I took plenty of pictures, of course.  Now, Linda prefers the blurred appearance.  I call that the "Kool look".  I prefer the "stop action," droplets in the air appearance.  Here are both for your comparison.


And at another part of the falls, two more pictures.
Bond-2-1 Bond-1-1

I also like them without people, while Linda likes to add people.


I suppose a lot of people do prefer the blurred appearance to the stop action appearance since there were many people carrying tripods so they could shoot with the lower shutter speeds required for that look.
Bond-1-4 Bond-04

This is definitely our favorite waterfall in Michigan.  There are no guard rails and fences for the most part.  You can get right down by the water and feel the spray on your face.  There are at least a half dozen major drops in this one waterfall and I could easily find fifty ways to photograph it.

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