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Monday, October 1, 2012

Ironwood, Michigan

Last night we stayed in Ironwood, Michigan after finishing our tour along the southern shore of Lake Superior.  We began the morning with a quick stop at one of the notable monuments in Ironwood, the Hiawatha statue.

This is a few blocks away from both U.S. 2 and the historic downtown section of Ironwood, but certainly worth a detour.  Hiawatha stands 52 feet tall and his moccasins are big, indeed.  He can stand up to any Paul Bunyan in Minnesota or even to a "muffler man."

A plaque at the base describes they physical particulars, but gives no answer to the inevitable, "why?"

Nearby, you will find a brief description of the iron ore industry in Ironwood.
Ironwod-1 Ironwood-1

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