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Monday, October 1, 2012

Lake of the Clouds Scenic Area

It is only about ten miles from the mouth of the Black River east to Lake of the Clouds.  But you will drive a lot more miles to get there.  Lake of the Clouds Scenic Area is only approachable from the east.
WaterfallsMap-1 Waterfalls-32

We hadn't read about this area before arriving at it.  The name on the signs just seemed interesting.  After parking in the lot, the sign indicated a 300 foot walk up to the viewing area.  Oh, my!  What a view during leaf season.

This one scenic view was worth the drive.  One lady told us that it looked like this the first time she had seen it and that she and her husband had been coming back for fifteen years to see it this nice again.  I guess we picked the right year.

Waterfalls-28 Waterfalls-27

Update Added, October 2.
We returned to the area the next morning and collected more pictures.  This one is a favorite:

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