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Monday, October 1, 2012

Black River Scenic Byway, Michigan

Just a few miles east of Ironwood, the Black River flows northward into Lake Superior.  The river falls a considerable distance along its final five miles creating a beautiful series of waterfalls.

We headed north along the Black River Scenic Byway to take a look.  At this time of year, the leaf color is spectacular as the road approaches the falls area.
Waterfalls-04 Waterfalls-25

Waterfalls-16 Waterfalls-17

There are five waterfalls that run very strongly in the spring and are still attractive at this time of the year.  At this time of the year, the drive to the falls may be prettier than the falls themselves.  The North Country Scenic trail which runs from North Dakota to New York parallels the river and provides hiking access to all five of the falls.

Waterfalls-09 Waterfalls-18

Waterfalls-14 Waterfalls-13

One of the falls requires a 3/4 mile walk descending about a hundred feet.  Another takes a short walk but involves a 195-step staircase.  Bring a lunch; we did.
Waterfalls-08 Waterfalls-20

At the end of its journey, the Black River flows under this CCC originated suspension bridge and into a quiet harbor.
Waterfalls-21 Waterfalls-22

Plan on at least a half day to see it all.

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