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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Michigan Lighthouses

As we traveled around Michigan, I took pictures of a few of the many lighthouses that guard the edges of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.  I thought I would put several into a single blog post rather than show them as we moved around the state.  Tonight as I started to look for sites to link to from this post, I discovered that there are some people that have put a lot of effort into "lighthouse blogging."  This turns out to be a rather modest effort on my part.

Remember when I pressed the button at the Great Lakes Visitor Information Center at the start of this trip?

Here is a map that shows the location of all the Michigan lighthouses.  And you can click on those red squares to pop up a picture of the lighthouse.  (Well, sometimes.  I guess that it is a work in progress.)  Even better, check this site to get information about the lighthouse once you have identified the name.  (Another work in progress.)

This was the lighthouse at Copper Harbor.

Next up was the Manistique East Breakwater.

We had to travel about eight miles off the main roads to reach the Seul Choix (Only Choice) lighthouse near Gulliver.

The relatively new St. Ignace Lighthouse is visible from an observation point along the highway a few minutes before reaching the Mackinac bridge.

By the time we returned to the lake shore a couple of days ago, the winds had begun to pick up and were bringing in waves.  In fact, sand was drifting across the road in many places near the water.  That made this view of the lighthouse at Muskegon more interesting.

Finally, we reached our last two Michigan lighthouses on this trip.  We are now in Ludington, waiting for the ferry to take us across to Wisconsin.  This is our favorite lighthouse.

There is another one, at Big Sable Point, in the state park a few miles farther north.  It isn't very accessible at this time of year after they close the road to the campground.

And we have gone back to the Ludington lighthouse to see it in different light.

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