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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Drive Through the Countryside

We made a second trip to the village of Kerdassa, yesterday.  I wanted to see some of the agricultural area with the pyramids nearby.  Our friend drove us back to the area and we headed down one of the roads along a canal behind the village.  Onions, cabbage and alfalfa are the main crops growing among the date palms.

The road was narrow and gradually shrank to the proverbial "donkey path."  Yes, there's the donkey.
EgyptContryside-6 EgyptContryside-5

We were lucky to be in a small car.  A larger SUV would not have made it down the bank of the canal.  The goats and donkeys didn't seem impressed with our problem.

When the path finally became impassable, we stopped and got out to inspect things and asked another "driver" for advice.  While we could see the next village, just a bit ahead, we couldn't get there from here.  We would have to back up a couple of hundred yards and take a left.
EgyptContryside-7 EgyptContryside-8

Soon we were back into the town and then headed back home.

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