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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Return to the Street of the Tentmakers

Since we had visited the Street of the Tentmakers last Sunday and found most of the shops closed, we returned today for another look during daylight hours.  We started out with a late breakfast at Khan El-Khalili.  Once again, we didn't see many tourists but the ones who were there were very happy and taking lots of pictures.  I always enjoy photographing other photographers.

Part of the charm of the Khan is the narrow streets.  I wouldn't have believed that a large bus could fit down this street, much less make the tight turn onto the street.  But it happened.  Always watch for what's coming behind you and in front of you in Cairo.

We crossed over Al-Azhar street to stop by the "pickle factory" during daylight hours.  Yes, those were pickled bananas that we had seen the last time we were there.  I had a pickled lemon at dinner yesterday but don't know if I want to try a banana.

When we reached Bab Zuwayla,  I got a couple more pictures of the gate/mosque minarets.

BLog1-09 BLog1-03

The Street of the Tentmakers was much more lively than before.  The shops were all open, although there were few tourists.

The colors inside the shops were bright and cheery.
BLog1-07 BLog1-08

And I always seem to get my best pictures of bread in motion here.

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